March 28th, 2011

Front Business

If you frequent the Honolulu arts and culture scene, you may know Ted De Oliveira by one of his many monikers: Tedji, Tiger Blood, The Greatest, or as the first name on a club’s 86 “no entry” list.

He’s cleaned up now, and is making some amazing music. His latest electronic project, Front Business, conjures up a bit of Swedish psych-rockers Dungen and French supergroup Justice. His track caricatures haunts like the best of D’Angelo. Believe me, it’s worth the $10.

Click HERE to see why he earned a profile in our upcoming Arts issue.

Album design by Joseph Pa‘ahana

5 Responses to “Front Business”

  1. Mya Cockburns says:

    OMG Ted’s music is like mindblowing. It’s good to see the once known as “Crackhead Ted” or “Drop Dead Ted” actually put out something for once. Buy it !

  2. dickburn johnson says:

    um. its name your own price now. 20 cents minimum.

  3. Nicole Naone says:

    Tedji Boom Boom magic man! This album is seriously super gorgeous.

  4. Cease says:

    Support local artists! Proud to be apart of this project. Ted has come a long way, this ones going global!


  5. Teddy is the local music hero right now in Honolulu, very proud to be releasing his music (finally)! Cop his CD here > http://latermusic.com/releases/front-business-lp-2/

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