Risk Taker: Lace + Sheer

In Hawaii, layering can be pretty problem: You look great with your comfy knit sweater, but as soon as you leave the confines of your room o...

The Fresh Faces of Fashion

More than rubbah slippahs and tank tops, Hawai‘i designers are showing how much we-kea about fashion. Here we talk to four of Hawaii's hotte...

Farida's Must Haves

[photo_credit]James Perse Casual White T.[/photo_credit] FLUX asked Farida Ong, the owner of Fishloaves Inc. boutique, what are a...

Fishloaves Boutique

Farida Ong's story starts and ends with suitcases. It seems the owner of Fishloaves Inc. boutique has finally found a place to tuck away he...

Seattle Runway

Makaha-local Matt Bruening documents his journey to Seattle to audition for the acclaimed hit series, "Project Runway."

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