Issue 10: Fellas

Published April 2012

The fellas featured in this issue are heroic in their own rights, everyday men doing extraordinary things.


When I was in kindergarten, I knew a superhero. Yes, a real-life superhero, who could fly and everything. His name was Zero the Hero. Every month, on days with a zero in it, like 10, 20 or 30, Zero the Hero would swoop in to our class and teach us about numbers and give us candy. Then in a flash, he’d swoop back out, his red cape flying in the wind. On one particular zero day, I noticed something peculiar: Zero wore the same shoes as my dad! When I got home that day, I asked dad if he knew he wore the same shoes as a superhero. Shhhh, he whispered with a wink, it was our little secret.

Over the years, my dad has faced his share of adversaries. Some have slowed him, like when he got 56 stitches in his head after a surfer dropped in on him at Ali‘i Beach Park; some have knocked him down, like when he was nearly declared bankruptcy – twice – as a result of some bad business decisions; and some have crippled him, like the drugs and alcohol that plagued him for the first half of his life. But, as in any superhero plot line, dad prevailed, and showed his family how to live with humility, lead by example, and love without condition.

The fellas featured in this, our 10th issue, are heroic in their own right, everyday men doing extraordinary things. Like Zero did for one kindergarten class, they fill us with delight and teach us how to be better.

Pig Hunting Through Kualoa Ranch

The only thing that sounds good at 3:30 in the morning is suicide. And I am up at 3:30, contemplating suicide, smoking a cigarette, drinking a cup of watery hotel coffee while standing on my small balcony. Waikīkī is dark and quiet below. The air is cool enough for a light layer, and so I put on a thin tweed hunting jacket with leather elbow patches [...]

The Knifemaker

[sidebar] [/sidebar] On a cool Honolulu afternoon, Keith Ouye sits behind a rickety card table adorned with dozens of razor-sharp knives. The weapons, most of which are equipped with a handy switch that sends the blade springing from the handle, shine against the overhead lighting. In a booth situated just behind the man and his glittering knives, some[...]

The Taxidermist

Taxidermist Orion Enocencio of ‘Ahiu Hawai‘i. From sea level to the slopes of Mauna Kea, wild boars roam the Big Island, destroying native plants and pakalolo patches. Gangs of turkeys scurry through the forests of Ka‘u. Hybrid sheep call lava flows and dry scrubland on Saddle Road home. Wild donkeys roam hungry and free in Waikoloa, and upland, various[...]

The Barber

Mojo Barbershop's Kaliq Rashad. Up close, a hair carving resembles a hedge maze of labyrinthine twists neatly trimmed into the scalp. For a better look at how his work is coming along, Kaliq Rashad takes a step back. It’s a Wednesday afternoon at Chinatown’s Mojo Barbershop, and a forest of curves are emerging across the head of his client, who is drape[...]

The Modern Man ... Can Cook

Try these recipes that utilize the freshest fish and other local ingredients, courtesy of Russell Chu, sous chef at Roy’s Hawai‘i Kai. In no time at all, you’ll look and cook like a pro. ___________________________________ Steamed stuffed Kona kanpachi ___________________________________ [sidebar] [/sidebar] Take a cleaned, whole fresh fi[...]

The Modern Man ... Does it Himself

Kustom with a K: Marty Lau's 808 Speed Shop keeps an American tradition alive. In the tradition of rugged individuality and bucking convention, the link between skateboarding and punk rock to early- and mid-20th century classic American cars might not seem strange. It wasn’t, at least, for 808 Speed Shop owner Marty Lau. He says that while a teenager, “[...]

The Modern Man ... has heart

The maturation of Bruce Irons. They say that surfing’s lost its edge. That we’ve sold out our roots for a six-figure paycheck and a mortgage. They say we’ve lost our personality, traded in our rebellious, don’t-give-a-shit attitude for a new please-and-thank-you demeanor complete with stock options. They say we’re different now. But maybe it’s not that[...]
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