Issue 2: Water

Published April 2010

When we are surrounded by water on every side, it becomes easy to forget this natural resource is precious. This issue documents watery issues prevalent not just in our city, but as experienced by surrounding cultures as well.

New Works by Jim Russi

Famed surf photograph Jim Russi shows new works on display at Haleiwa Town Center's Thomadro Art Gallery, Saturday November 20 from 5PM to 9PM. The ocean is the epitome of artistry and adrenaline for those who choose to participate in it. For the past 30 years, Jim Russi has been capturing these moments, freezing them in time and place, for a snapshot[...]

FLUX Guide to Water Conservation

If we all agree that water is a precious resource essential for life, then why are we abusing the way we use it? A human being needs about five gallons of water a day to survive – water used for consumption and sanitation. The average American uses more than 151 gallons of water per day with a household usage of nearly 370 gallons per day. This weighty numbe[...]

Notes From Ed Greevy

Throughout the latter half of the 20th century, Save Our Surf and its primary organizer, John M. Kelly Jr., organized against the overdevelopment of Hawaii's shorelines. Photographer Ed Greevy talks about the movement with FLUX.

Easy Rider Redux

For the past 30 years, Jim Russi has been capturing a snapshot into the spirit of what happens when mortals and mother nature collide.

Canefield Hero

Canefield Hero takes cues from Jason Mraz and Dashboard Confessional, with David Tamaoka's lithe vocals sliding sweetly through refined pop productions about love and love-lost.
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