Issue 8: Resilience

Published October 2011

Marking our second year anniversary in print, this issue celebrates businesses and people with a resiliency all their own.

This December marks the two-year anniversary of FLUX in print. I think about our first issue, Transition, which launched in 2009, and am in awe of how much we ourselves have transitioned. People have come and gone, and yet, some remain.

Despite the stresses – emotional, mental and physical – that are inevitable in a life of publishing, the relationships that have stuck have made this crazy journey in print worth it. Many of our staff have been with us from day one. My creative director and my director of marketing are two such people. They signed on in 2009 and have hung on through every moment, through sweat and tears, late nights and earlier mornings, all in spite of the fact that our vision was (and still is) bigger than our bank accounts.

Understanding the importance of collaboration, we recently partnered up with Jason Cutinella, who is not just a publisher with a big vision, but also a close and trusted friend. His company, Nella Media Group, publishes innov8, the in-flight magazine for go! Airlines, Chinatown Newspaper, and Room Service, the hotel in-room compendium for Castle Resorts & Hotels. In this harsh economic climate, and especially in Hawai‘i, where the ideals of ‘ohana and aloha make up our everyday, we cannot afford to build walls or burn bridges.

Despite the place we are today, and the success FLUX has achieved, we are still newcomers to this print industry. If we can march forward in the years ahead with even some of the resilience of the people featured in this issue, I think we will be just fine.

Rocky Rivera Comes Full Circle

[sidebar] I first met Rocky Rivera on paper. In a college course focusing on Filipino-American history channeled through hip-hop, I wrote a piece on women’s clutch role in the genre, and my case example being Rocky herself. Hey, I got a good grade. But that’s not why I’m telling you this. I’m telling you because this is where it starts. In the classroo[...]

JJ Niebuhr, JJ Dolan's

[sidebar] [/sidebar] Rushing out the kitchen doors, he quickly shakes hands with three patrons in the establishment. By most measures, he is nondescript: a youngish man in a white chef apron, plain white T-shirt and tousled hair. He stops to talk to two more customers sitting at the bar before making his way to a table, Guinness in hand. I[...]

Selects: Jet Life

Text by Chris Kam and Blaise Sato Now, more than ever, it’s not unusual for a jetsetter to be under 35. These youthful travelers are paying more attention to balancing style with the function of comfort. Business trips most times require a quick transition between getting off a flight and into a meeting, which could just as likely be at a bar as it co[...]

Defining the Human Spirit

Three incredible journeys define the strength of the human spirit in overcoming debility. Alicia Hatori Images by John Hook Kurt Tateishi and Daren Choi Images by Cheyne Gallarde "NOTHING IS PREDESTINED: THE OBSTACLES OF YOUR PAST CAN BECOME THE GATEWAYS THAT LEAD TO NEW BEGINNINGS." - RALPHY BLUM __________________________________________ [...]

Birds of Paradise

On Hawai‘i Island, a portion of the indigenous rainforest is making a comeback. With the aid of the Federal Government, plots of mountain forest are recovering from centuries of decimation by successive generations of loggers, ranchers and invasive species. Over three fall days, we had an opportunity to see the progress that has been made since the creatio[...]

Over on the Westside

Fashion designer Matt Bruening Seven years ago, Matt Bruening made the bold decision to become a fashion designer. Since entering the unyielding fashion industry, Matt has created multiple lines, endless pieces, and has become a full-time slave to his trade. Bruening graciously shared the details of his success and a refreshing perspective on designer[...]

Getting to Know a Star

Artist John Koga [sidebar] Google “contemporary art in Hawai‘i,” and you won’t find information on John Koga. You probably should though, since Koga is situated at the center of it all. (Trying to understand the art scene without consulting Koga is like learning about the solar system but not the sun.) He is an artist with a planetary personality, the [...]
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