FLUX Hawaii Summer Mixtape 2012

In honor of another sweaty summer in Hawaii, we are offering a free download of our FLUX Hawaii Summer Mixtape, put together to celebrate our Summer issue. Featuring local artists from Hawaii: Stephen Agustin and the Fourth Wall, Clones of the Queen, Gnarwhal, Pink Mist, Welwing, GRLFRNDS, Slapp Symphony, Shindig and LFA, Witch Baby, Pinkwing, Anton Glamb, i tramonti, Travis Wiggins/Dream Dragons, The Ukus, and Magaphone.

The Tracks

1 Gnarwhal Gold Bandcamp Website
2 GRLFRNDS Your Angst Is Fake Bandcamp Twitter Facebook
3 Clones of the Queen Talisman (Shindig & LFA’s Thunder Owl Remix) Soundcloud Blog
4 Stephen Agustin & The Fourth Wall The Second Hand Website Music Merch
5 Maryanne Waking Up (Produced by Slapp Symphony) Twitter Facebook
6 Anton Glamb Another Rave Website Facebook Twitter
7 Pink Mist We Are the Stars Bandcamp Twitter Facebook SoundCloud Tumblr
8 Witch Baby Kaleidoscopes Facebook
9 Welwing Halfway Around Bandcamp SoundCloud Facebook
10 Travis Wiggins/Dream Dragons YOU ARE A COOL PERSON! Bandcamp Facebook
11 Pinkwing Stand Still
12 i tramonti Pliable as Water Facebook SoundCloud
13 The Ukus Hart Street Bandcamp
14 Magaphone surfnholdhands Bandcamp Facebook YouTube
15 Clones of the Queen Braided (Demo Version) Website Bandcamp Twitter Facebook SoundCloud Tumblr