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Hawaii birds climate change research
Birds that arrived in Hawaiʻi over the course of several millennia continue to battle with foreign contact, including humans and mosquitos.
Nonprofits in Hawai‘i remain the last, best hope for an equitable society, providing a community of care to those who need it most.
Makua Rothman, musician, FLUX Hawaii
As ambassador of Hawai‘i’s modern surf culture, big wave surfing champ Makua Rothman says it's time to unionize.
Hawaiian wedding, FLUX Hawaii
In Hawai‘i, one of the most popular destination wedding locales in the world, matrimony is big business.
Paddle for Pai Aina
This event on Saturday, July 11 combines what Hawaiʻi is best at: a paddle race and a cook-off rolled into a family beach party.
Neglected for centuries, overrun by development and burdened by a labyrinth of laws, the humble fishponds of Hawai‘i raise fish, the middle finger, and awareness of a cultural revolution.