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FLUX A Hui Hou In the Wai
When teenagers feel uplifted, it’s a magical experience to witness them develop.
FLUX Sonny Side Up
A Millennial journalist-turned-hopeful politician tracks the rise and fall (and rise again) of his political ambitions.
red hill
Hidden within this landmark are 20 massive tanks, 16 of which hold nearly 190 million gallons of petroleum. Underneath them is Honolulu’s main source of fresh water.
Cannabis Hawaiʻi Weed
Over the last two centuries, Hawai‘i residents have had a fluctuating relationship with cannabis. In 2000, Hawai‘i was the sixth state to legalize medical marijuana. More than 16 years later, the state will finally allow licensees to purchase weed from slick new dispensaries across the islands.
E Luku Wale What Lies Beneath
Twenty years after the completion of Hawaii Interstate H-3, a book by Kapulani Landgraf and Mark Hamasaki recollects the cost.

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