Capitol-izing on Art

Take a look at some of the incredible art pieces that live in the Capitol hallways.

Last week the Capitol opened up its immense hallways and doorways, and let the public wander through our legislators’ offices for the 2nd Annual Art at the Capitol. As part of the State’s Art in Public Places program, more than 430 works of art adorned the walls the 45 representative and senate offices.

“This is the people’s capitol and the public’s art after all,” said Representative Isaac Choy, who coordinated the offices in the House. “What a great way for members of the public to meet their lawmakers face to face, see their offices and get to know them in a different context.”

Although, late as usual, we only had time to check out a few rooms. The little that we did see, helped us discover the mish-mash of eclectic tastes our legislators have. Senate President Colleen Hanbusa’s office was like an art gallery in and of itself, with its wide white walls and expansive space. I immediately felt compelled to talk in a hushed whisper. Although mostly Asian-inspired in type, she had a great variety of mediums of display: sculptures, paintings, ceramic, textile.

I gotta give it up to Representative Tom Brower, whose office was like one non-stop, never-ending party. His collection of modern chairs, the gnome at his desk, the kooky yet quirky cups and other miscellaneous that sat atop his desk all showed his personal style. His was the only office I felt I could laugh, out loud. You go, Tom.

Unfortunately I didn’t get a chance to write down the titles or creators of the artwork, but see more of the Capitol’s art after the jump.

The traveling gnome. Representative Tom Brower’s office mate.

Representative Brower’s prized collection of plastic chairs. I imagine nice to look at, but not so nice on the behind.

Don’t get it twisted. Outside of Representative Brower’s office.

Hawaii’s State Capitol design reflects both old and modern Hawaii.

The mosaic Aquarius, designed by Tadashi Sato. There are 600,000 tiles set into the floor, simulating the pattern of changing color in off-shore waves. The mosaic was restored in August 2009.

An interesting photograph we happened upon. These ladies got busted!

A painting by Louis Pohl. One of my favorites.

This little guy was part of a larger painting, but I thought he was so cute, I had to zoom in.

An intricate wood sculpture in Senate President Colleen Hanabusa’s office.

Considered “priceless” by the artist himself, Isami Doi, whose works reflect a deeply eloquent and mystical Buddhist spirituality. Enlightenment, in Senate President Hanabusa’s office.

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