Christmas Tree Park Records

“Screw this, I’m starting a label.” Is what Matthew “Matt Ratt” Aczon may have said when he decided his favorite local bands needed some help to put out their own records.

Either way, this is what has happened, and Christmas Tree Park Records is what he has created. Their first release is by i tramonti. It’s titled Make Me in the Future and is available on 12″ vinyl via their web store.

In many local scenes, this is usually what happens when fans get frustrated that nobody is noticing how great their favorite local bands are, so they take matters into their own hands and take the DIY approach to record producing. This is extremely hard work, and it is completely self funded by guys who I’m pretty sure are broke like the rest of us, so it is always good to support your starving local artists. I personally haven’t seen someone start their own label (in Honolulu) to support the local indie bands that have popped up over the past five years, so to see someone taking matters in their own hands is inspiring. I’m not saying it hasn’t happened in the past, just saying it hasn’t happened since I’ve been face down in the muck.

In the meantime support them by purchasing their first release, and you can always listen/buy below:

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