Dispatches From Sundance

Sundance Film Festival, that glitzy, happening indie hub of filmmakers and stars, is in the midst of its 2015 hubbub. Films are flickering across screens, hands are being shaken, ideas tossed around and polished to a shine. This year, two of Hawai’i’s own are in the midst of the fray. Ciara Lacy, who is a Time Warner Fellow, is participating in everything from screenings to individually tailored meetings with industry leaders. Christopher Kahunahana, who is continuing his year-long fellowship with Native Lab, is taking park in guided film sessions and networking events, among other things.

Lucky for us, in the middle of all of this, Ciara Lacy for some reason thought it would be a good idea to blog about the experience for FLUX. We hopped on board, of course, and you can keep track of what she’s said so far here!

As we await her first dispatch, learn more about these two Native Hawaiian filmmakers and their current projects below.



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