EVENT: CAROUSEL at Kaka’ako Agora

Friday, June 27, 6 – 8 p.m.

Kaka’ako Agora, 441 Cooke St.

Free event, including snacks and beverages

ARTISTS who contributed work/inspiration: Adele Balderston, Leah Caldeira, Gaye Chan, Charles Cohan, AJ Feducia,  John Hook, Nadine Kam, Billie Lee, Henry Mochida, Linny Morris, Sara Oka, Dana Paresa, Franco Salmoiraghi, Landon Tom

In this media-dominated, image-saturated age when people obsessively check their Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat accounts before that first cup of coffee, an event centered around looking at images may seem trivial and unnecessary. What differentiates an event like CAROUSEL from these personal, sometimes isolated, image-viewing rituals? It’s live, it’s communal, and it’s public; call it a group image inspiration machine.

Fourteen creatives, ranging in backgrounds from photography to geography, were invited to select images for projection in either 35mm slide film or digital file format. “Slide film?” one might ask. Of course! The slide projector is the original time-machine, the analog equivalent of Tumblr which played an integral role in communications from darkened lecture halls and corporate boardrooms, to family living rooms and artist’s studios.

That warm light bulb glow, the low roar of the fan, the softened edge of each slide, the click-clack of moving forward and back through the image sequence. The slideshow told stories, pitched clients, visualized knowledge, and for many worked as an archive of inspiration. Who hasn’t come across a handful of old slides held them up to a light, one at a time, and marveled at these slices of memory in their white frames?

CAROUSEL will open up this moment of wonder to the audience. This won’t be a lecture—there will be no professors or salesmen to lock down the meaning or set the record straight. It isn’t even about art history. This event is about word association, a rapid fire trawling of group consciousness, a chance to freestyle in response to unexpected collisions and overlaps that these images will generate. Everyone comes to the Agora armed only with her/his own ideas and associations, and they are expected to make them audible according to the time-honored science of shouting at the screen.

CAROUSEL isn’t about passive absorption, it’s about active engagement with your fellow viewers and the generation of an exciting feedback loop that should send everyone home having tasted the magic of getting into the creative flow of call and response.

– Article by Trisha Lagaso Goldberg, FLUX art reviewer and co-organizer of CAROUSEL

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