Get Beautiful Skin

A new skin care line and spa can help you get pure skin! What could be better?!

Is there anything worse than a blemish right before a hot date? Hardly anything. Luckily, we stumbled upon Pure Skin by Maggie, a quaint new spa in the Ward area where you can begin your journey to clean, clear skin.

Originally from Taiwan, Maggie, the owner of Pure Skin by Maggie, came to Hawai‘i where she didn’t experience paradise right away. In fact, quite the opposite. “I began having major problems with my skin,” she says. “I started breaking out in acne on my face and on my chest and back. It was so bad that I was embarrassed to go out in public. It was actually a depressing time in my life.”

She eventually found a Japanese spa owner who used pure aroma oils and Japanese-style lymph node massage therapy. After a few sessions, Maggie saw her skin clearing up. She began training in the Japanese style in hopes of helping others find their path to beautiful skin as well.

After opening up Pure Skin by Maggie, she decided to create a line of skincare products because she felt what was available in the marketplace wasn’t customized for her clientele. After working with a skincare company, and concocting and testing countless versions of different mixes, she finally settled on a line of product that uses only pure essential oils, from sunscreen and cleanser to whitening serum and toner. One of her most popular products is Herbal Silk, which helps to restore tone, vitality and vigor to dull, lifeless skin. With calming ingredients such as evening primrose oil and carrot oil, Herbal Silk deeply hydrates skin by sealing in moisture and allowing the skin to breathe.

“Beauty starts from the inside out,” says Maggie. “The face is a symbol of health, and if you are healthy your face should be clean and clear.”

Call 808.728.6260 to schedule an appointment with Maggie. Located across Nordstrom Rack in Ward. For more info visit

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