High on HI Beer

“I think a cold beer with friends is really a part of the fabric of social life in Hawaii. Whether you’re barbecuing at the beach or just cruising with your friends, relaxing over a beer with people you care about is part of Hawaii and we’re really fired up to be a part of it … plus, we like to drink beer, so it’s easy to get excited when you start making your own.”

So said In4mation co-founder Jun Jo about the inspiration behind their newest project with brewmaster Gary Young, HI Beer, a high quality, golden lager style beer. HI Beer will release this Wednesday at Vice Nightclub, and will be available on tap at select bars beginning in mid-October.

Premiere of HI Beer

Wednesday, October 3

Vice Nightclub, Ward Center

5:30-10:30 p.m.

w/ Humble Soul, Jai the Band and DJ Toma

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