How To: Bacon-Washed Bourbon

Images by John Hook

What you’ll need:

– 16 ounces Jim Beam bourbon

– 1 pound Applewood-smoked bacon

– 24-ounce wide-mouth jar or container with cover

– Frying pan

– Funnel

– Cheesecloth


What you do:

Step 1: Cook bacon in frying pan, making sure you have at least 8 ounces of bacon fat oil. Put bacon aside and save for snacking at a later date.

Step 2: Using the funnel, pour the bacon fat oil into the 24-ounce jar. Add bourbon to jar and let it cool.

Step 3: Cover the jar, shake vigorously, and let it sit for 45 minutes.

Step 4: Freeze overnight.



Step 5: Remove from freezer, and take off frozen layer of fat. Strain the bacon fat-washed bourbon into a bottle and serve chilled. Garnish with an orange peel.


Justin Park is an award-winning bartender and mixologist. He’s the general manager of The Manifest, which specializes in handcrafted cocktails and features more than sixty different types of whiskeys.

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