Invisible Years

Here’s to another amazing year ahead.

Every new year, I always wonder what’s going to change my whole perspective on life? Or is anything even going to make a dent on my memory? I’m talking about music, film, traveling, eating, LIFE, anything … I know I have had invisible years in my life. Years where nothing really huge happened. I just existed. I’m sure I did some “cool shit,” but nothing that becomes an anecdote over dinner or where I try to one up someone else’s story about something.

In 2010 had a baby, moved twice, released 2 solo EPs, worked my ass off in Painted Highways, started to get paid for writing, did some interesting things at my day job, and not to mention, I started blogging for this amazing publication.

I’m not expecting to top 2010. I don’t want to top it really. Having a baby was and is the most exciting, emotional, amazing and most special thing that has ever happened to me, which is a cliche and obvious statement, but it’s really changed my whole perspective. I don’t want to do anything but hang out with my family and not just cause I’m a lazy ass (’cause I am) and the baby is a world class excuse for getting out of almost anything. I am 100% content with dropping out of life and just being DAD, I won’t get bored. I know it.

So here’s to hoping that in 2011 I find a way to be able to live this dream, thats my goal for this year. Sure I’m going to make an album with the band and some other “cool” stuff, but for the first time I only have one goal this year and I’ll be ok if it’s an invisible year…

I now understand why John Lennon dropped out for five years and didn’t even pick up a guitar when his son Sean was born. I remember thinking, How could he not even play guitar? But now I know it’s because when something like this happens to you, who gives a shit?

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