KS Surf Team Captures 4th Consecutive Title

This past Saturday, March 9, the Kamehameha Surf Team captured its 4th Consecutive Oʻneill High School Club Team Title against Kahuku at Turtle Bay hotel in 3-4 feet waves. Both teams were coming in with an undefeated season, but KS prevailed at Kahuku’s home break. Final score: KS 63, Kahuku 58.
Individual notables include:

Charlie Akao (10th grade)- Boys SB 1st place

Ioane Teves (12th grade)- Boys BB 1st place

Cayla Moore (10th grade)- Girls SB 1st place

Kahia Walker (9th grade)- Boys LB 1st place

KS continues to be undefeated at the Oʻneill High School Challenge with a record of 26-0 in the past 4 years. They will travel to the NSSA Nationals at Dana Point in June, hoping to secure will make a top 3 finish for the season.

Although surfing became officially recognized as a high school sport, it remains a club sport at Kamehameha and other OIA and ILH schools around the state. Team coach Lea Arce is continuing to work to make surfing a legitimate high school sport and expanding the movement throughout Hawai‘i.
To read more about Arce and KS’ journey to establish surfing as a high school sport, CLICK HERE.

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