This past Saturday, March 9, the Kamehameha Surf Team captured its 4th Consecutive Oʻneill High School Club Team Title against Kahuku at Turtle Bay hotel in 3-4 feet waves. Both teams were coming in with an undefeated season, but KS prevailed at Kahuku’s home break. Final score: KS 63, Kahuku 58.
Individual notables include:

Charlie Akao (10th grade)- Boys SB 1st place

Ioane Teves (12th grade)- Boys BB 1st place

Cayla Moore (10th grade)- Girls SB 1st place

Kahia Walker (9th grade)- Boys LB 1st place

KS continues to be undefeated at the Oʻneill High School Challenge with a record of 26-0 in the past 4 years. They will travel to the NSSA Nationals at Dana Point in June, hoping to secure will make a top 3 finish for the season.

Although surfing became officially recognized as a high school sport, it remains a club sport at Kamehameha and other OIA and ILH schools around the state. Team coach Lea Arce is continuing to work to make surfing a legitimate high school sport and expanding the movement throughout Hawai‘i.
To read more about Arce and KS’ journey to establish surfing as a high school sport, CLICK HERE.

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