Let’s brighten your day, with a concealer

Did you get that eight-hour sleep the night before? Feel refreshed and ready to tackle the day? Wait, what is that shadow under my eyes?

We often think that getting the right amount of rest or enough water during the day will help diminish those dark circles, but think again my friends, that’s just a little part of it. It may have been something that you inherited or it can be age (the skin around the eyes thins as a person ages, exposing those tiny blood vessels), or it could be anything else.

What can you do? Well, you can spend your money on treatments or you can do it the easy way, by applying under eye concealer to hide and brighten those beautiful eyes.

I, myself inherited those dark under eye circles, and instead of complaining about it, I took the easy way out. I have tried drugstore brands to the many counters in department stores and I finally have found a brand that works for me. My personal favorite is Bobbi Brown corrector and concealer combination. I encourage you to try several brands. Wear what they recommend for a few days and really have a good feel to it before finally settling for your favorite.

It could be a one step or two steps for you but always ask a beauty consultant or a makeup artist to assist you in finding the right color and have them apply the concealer, so you can duplicate the steps when you do it yourself.

What you need:

1. Eye cream: to hydrate the eye area for a smoother application

2. Concealer brush: having the right tool to apply the right amount of concealer

3. Corrector: to correct or neutralize the dark area, only if needed

4. Concealer: to hide or even out the dark circles

5. Powder: translucent or yellow pigment powder to set the concealer

If you don’t already have a concealer, try one on your next shopping trip. You won’t be sorry.

Dulce Apana and Royal Silver are the makeup artists that make up Timeless Classic Beauty. Previously they’ve been behind the counters of Bobbi Brown and Mac Cosmetics. It is their mission to have you look at yourself in a different light and just love what you see.

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