Let’s Get Cheeky

One of the many things I have learned in this industry is that blush is important. Having a touch of color on the cheeks brings life to your face and a look of freshness. Some of us are afraid of an overdone, over-contoured cheek, but we all should be equally afraid of a ghostly white mask look.

If you’re very minimal with your makeup, a touch of blush will give you more of a finished look. It could be as simple as eyeliner, mascara, blush and lip balm. If you love makeup, and your look is always to get dolled-up, then a bit of blush shouldn’t scare you. You might – like me! – even have a collection for different seasons.

You don’t have to follow the trends of makeup, but you should know the color that works best for your skin tone. Generally, based on your skin tone, I would recommend the following:

Fair skin: warm pinks, desert rose, dusty rose, nude pinks

Medium/Olive skin: peony, pale pinks, fuchsias

Dark/Tan skin: raspberry, cherry, plums, cranberry

Play with colors, try them on, or have an artist or a beauty consultant help you find your perfect shade. When it comes to purchasing, I suggest to get what feels and looks good on you.

Application is also important to any makeup routine. Here’s a basic application process: Use your blush brush, dip it onto your powder blush once or twice, and tap off the excess. Apply it on the apple of the cheeks and blend it outward toward the hairline for a natural look. Make sure that you don’t get too close to the corner of your nose. If you do, buff that line off to make it softer and to avoid the dreaded clown look.

If you have an oilier skin type and find that powder blush doesn’t stay on, try these simple two steps: 1) Find your shade in a cream blush and apply it with your fingertips on the apple of the cheeks, blending outward toward your hairline, then 2) With your powder brush, take your favorite blush powder and apply it over the cream blush. I find that layering cream and powder helps your blush last longer.

Don’t be afraid of a little color … it will brighten your day.
Dulce Apana and Royal Silver are the makeup artists that make up Timeless Classic Beauty. Previously they’ve been behind the counters of Bobbi Brown and Mac Cosmetics. It is their mission to have you look at yourself in a different light and just love what you see.

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