Mitch, by Paul Mitchell

Styled by Geremy Campos

For years, hair has been a symbol of individuality, expression and culture. It is undeniably the most important element in a man’s style. Primping and grooming are no longer just synonymous with women. Men are quickly surpassing women in the discovery of new trends and techniques. Unfortunately, a man’s hair can go from hot to not in a matter of weeks. Quality cut and products are key components in proper hair maintenance. According to Ryan Camacho, owner of Ryan Jacobie Salon, it is important to find a product and style that is functional.

To prove men’s products are important, Camacho chose an elite group of men that share a working domain (Chinatown), to represent various Mitch products. Mitch, by Paul Mitchell is a line of products specifically for men, and is designed for high performance grooming. Courtesy of Ryan Jacobie Salon and Paul Mitchell, David Crans, Justin Park, Gary Payne, Chris and Chad Kahunahana, and Brandon Reid have discovered a Mitch product, designed to fit their everyday needs.


Manifest, better known as the first and last bar you attend every First Friday, is owned by Brandon Reid. As a young entrepreneur, Reid’s daily tasks are full of surprises. Whether he is fixing a cappuccino machine or meeting and greeting patrons, Reid’s classic ’50s chic hair is created using Construction paste. The paste has an elastic hold for texture and flexibility.


Operating manager of the Manifest, Justin Park struts a short ’do. While assisting Reid with various responsibilities, he is also the master mixologist at Manifest. With drinks pouring and conversation flowing, Park can not be bothered with high-maintenance hair. By using, Barber’s Classic, he is able to achieve an approachable, clean look.




Nicknamed the “Mayor of Chinatown” by cronies and colleagues, Gary Payne is a financial guru born in Honolulu. Payne works as a highly skilled business development director at Nella Media Group. Payne’s day consists of riding his bike to work in the early morning, developing business strategies throughout the day, and sipping a cold one at Bar 35 at the end. At age 51, Payne’s side-parted hairstyle is fun, professional and age-appropriate. To ensure his hair is intact from day to night, Payne uses Clean Cut, a semi-matte styling cream with a medium hold.



Chris and Chad Kahunahana are the owners of Nextdoor HNL. Their nights consist of pouring drinks and setting the stage for Honolulu’s hottest talent. Their signature looks are made possible by Reformer. With crowds and temperatures rising, Reformer is used to achieve sustainable hair in any circumstance. Reformer is a pliable putty styler and can be used to bulk up fine or thin hair.




David Crans is an associate producer at Shooters Film Production. Crans is accustomed to filming talent and recognizes the importance of detail. Fashion-conscious and ultra-trendy, it is no surprise the Japanese-American sports a new look every two weeks. Crans’s latest, longer no-muss-no-fuss look is achieved by using reformer. In this case, Reformer is used to create a more modern texture with a matte finish.


With a mix of city and sun, Honolulu has become an eclectic city for showcasing men’s hair. Aside from Waikiki and its international influence, the most interesting place to view the latest trends in men’s hair is downtown Honolulu. Desired looks can be achieved with time and effort.

For tips, trends, and styles visit Ryan Jacobie Salon on 918 Smith St. Ryan Jacobie Salon now offers a special menu for men ranging from $12 to $45.

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