Not For Sale

Exhibition and art photos by Ricky Li. Process photos by Jasper Wong.


Not For Sale

New Works by Prime

Loft In Space

831 Queen Street

On display to September 10

Prime is considered to be one of the most influential and prolific graffiti writers in Hawai‘i’s history. His active role in creating social change and consciousness through the art form has had a lasting, positive impact on Hawai‘i’s society. In Not for Sale, his first formal showing, the subject matter gracefully straddles both Polynesian and hip-hop history, influenced by the pushing and pulling that these cultures have had on his artistic identity.

Through his 808 Urban initiative, his work on both the artistic and educational fronts has created environments that advocate for progressive social change while promoting sustainability for low-income communities through self-determination, cultural awareness and leadership development.

Speaking towards the ephemeral nature of graffiti, the works showcased in Not For Sale have been created for public consumption and, as the exhibition name implies, are not for sale. As a consequence, they will be promptly destroyed at the end of the exhibition, so this may be the only opportunity to see these new Prime art works in person.

Visit for more information on Prime and his community work.


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