Partying For Peace

This past weekend, young and old alike partied for peace for the opening of Still Present Pasts // If Not Now When at the Bishop Museum. The exhibition, brought to Hawai’i by local organizers, Creative Modern Activism, spurred discussions about the experience of war and the possibility of peace. Still Present Pasts is the first component of the exhibition.

Haunting photos from the Korean War of the division that split the country, and subsequently many families; first-hand video accounts tell the tale that many Koreans only talk about in hushed whispers; portraits of those forced to flee the war-torn country, Korean children scattered across the world and adopted. It’s really a quite moving. Helps us to understand the Korean plight and pain in a whole new light.

And the companion exhibit! In a word: WOW. Great work by local artists. If Not Now When, featured juried art from mainly local artists, organized by Trisha Lagaso Goldberg, curator for thirtyninehotel, and juried by Allison Wong, the executive director of The Contemporary Museum. INNW broaden the conversations about peace and justice even more.

That night the sounds of Paula Fuga, DJ Capecod and Linus could be heard from the FLUX booth, although we were too busy giving out free Sac Sac drinks (these juicy, sweet grape/pear/orange drinks from Palama Supermarket filled with ‘sacs’ of fruit flavor) and taking photos of patrons wearing hanbok. Other entertainment included: Youth Speaks Hawaii, eskae, Kavet & Nomasterbacks, and Korean hip-hop artists Skim and Denizen Kane, who made the ladies swoon.

It was a real good time. Thanks Creative Modern Activism and Ara Laylo for hooking us up! Kamsamnida!

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