“thick aloha”

Image by Andrew Richard Hara

we try to give the river
the same sized attention
we give the ocean.
since the great māhele
our water has tasted expensive.
some rivers fall into rainbows:
this is a form of shaka.
thick aloha can be achieved
by fashioning a bed from monstera
& lying under the sky. to learn aloha
go to the falling river
& collect the raindrops
of a lehua blossom.
every river on the island
has flown through you
from before time
before you
were ever here.

M.G. Martin

A 2018 W.S. Merwin Creative Teaching Fellow, M.G. Martin is a podagee poet, from Hawai’i island, who teaches middle school English on Maui. Find him at mgmartinpoetry.tumblr.com and @m.g.martin

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