QUIZ: Which Type of Apocalypse Survivor Are You?

Made in collaboration with Hawaiʻi Research Center for Futures Studies.

1. Government is gone, and Hawaiʻi will no longer be receiving food shipments. You:

A. Rush to the nearest grocery store and take whatever you can.

B. Gather your neighbors and recommend pooling resources.

C. Check your bookshelf for the journal where you recorded locations of different edible plants.

D. Pick four compatible people and head to Oʻahu’s North Shore, where a fifth has a Mormon food storage.

D. Sit on your couch and cry.

3. You are living by the ocean in a post-apocalypse Hawaiʻi. What is your daily task?

A. Farming and collecting limu.

B. Overseeing storage and fielding any complaints.

C. Starting a fire, distributing dinner, and telling moʻōlelo in the evening.

D. Fitting with that hottie who saved you from the drone attack.

E. Mending nets and trying to make a fish locater with found materials.

5. On a boar hunt, your group finds an abandoned grove of marijuana plants. You:

A. Suggest contacting other groups to see if they would like to trade goods.

B. Start harvesting what you can and ask everyone to do the same.

C. Recommend everyone pause for a bonding trip.

D. Start stuffing buds in your pockets when no one is looking.

E. Walk the grove’s perimeter to make sure the group is secure.

7. The pumping station that moves all of your neighborhood’s sewage is flooding. You:

A. Dismantle your toilet, then plug and cap the drain so that sewer fumes and wastewater canʻt seep through.

B. Donʻt stress. You moved onto a bucket toilet long ago.

C. Take a photo with your iPhone, then dream of clever accompanying Tweets.

D. Let your neighbors know whatʻs happening.

E. Meet with your engineer friend to figure out how to turn the pump station into a constructed wetland.

2. It’s time to find shelter. You:

A. Recommend an abandoned home you know that is located near a stream and fishpond.

B. Start making a debris hut with found wood and a tree, like you learned from the Hawaiian Survival Handbook.

C. Suggest a cave you know of in the back of the valley near a stream.

D. Say that you like your Waikīkī apartment just fine, thank you very much.

E. Ask everyone to vote on what they would like to try first.

4. Two members of your group get in a fistfight over fermented breadfruit. You:

A. Were one of the two.

B. Cheered it on by saying. “Scrap! Scrap! Scrap!”

C. Made sure the breadfruit pit was covered before anything got in.

E. Note that this was No. 1’s second strike. Next one, they’re out.

D. Straightened out the person cheering it on and reconciled the two.

6. The power grid stops functioning. You:

A. Caused it by setting off an electromagnetic pulse to bring down the artificial intelligence that had taken over the autopilot of all military planes in Hawaiʻi.

B. Click refresh over and over on your open browser tab.

C. Jerry-rig your bike so that the energy generated by peddling is run through a regulator and stored in a battery.

D. Offer to peddle the bike in exchange for a share of the energy.

E. Suggest people get used to rising and setting with the sun, like you.

8. A highly infectious, lethal disease has broken out on the mainland. Someone spots a vessel on the horizon. You:

A. Gather any weapons or rocks available to ready a defense.

B. Calm everyone and suggest passengers could be looking for safe haven.

C. Offer the canoe you made to anyone willing to make initial contact offshore.

D. Make everyone pull straws to see who is going to paddle out.

E. Run through abandoned streets until you trip on a curb.

Tally your points to find out your role post-apocalypse:

1) A. 2, B. 4, C. 1, D. 5, E. 0

2) A. 5, B. 3, C. 1, D. 0, E. 4

3) A. 1, B. 5, C. 4, D. 0 E. 3

4) A. 2, B. 0, C. 1, D. 4, E. 5

5) A. 5, B. 1, C. 4, D. 0, E. 2

6) A. 5, B. 0, C. 3, D. 2, E. 1

7) A. 3, B. 1, C. 0, D. 4, E. 5

8) A. 2, B. 4, C. 3, D. 5, E. 0


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