Salt Kitchen & Tasting Bar

Photo by John Hook

If you haven’t had the opportunity to stroll down Wailae, you more than likely missed one of Honolulu’s newest dining destinations, SALT kitchen and tasting bar. A few months young, SALT is an interesting addition to the Kaimuki area. The swanky-modern-chic bar is a place you would find in New York, LA, or Miami. It seems almost out of place on Wailae, but easy to find if you follow your nose.

As a walk-in customer, I found myself looking for a space to wine and dine. I was in for a rude awakening when the hostess told me the only seating available was at the end of the long bar. Needless to say, the restaurant space is limited, so reservations are necessary.

Later, I realized my seating was a blessing in disguise. I was able to steal peeks at all the dishes coming in (and out) of the kitchen. Typically, if you are in the corner of any restaurant, or what I like to call, the “Christmas Table,” you have difficulty getting the staff’s attention. In this case, the management and staff are very attentive.
If you are a vegetarian, flexatarian, vegan, or anything close, I would plan on drinking your meal, i.e. a nice glass of pinot noir. On the other hand, if you are a carnivore with a sensitive palette and enjoy mind-expanding dishes, Bon Appetite!

Photo by Erika Forberg

SALT is known to change their menu every couple of months. One dish that is written in stone on the menu is the charceuterie platter. Charcuterie’s first century AD, Roman and French influence, is rare to find in Hawaii. Consisting of local shinsato pork, grass fed beef, specialty meats, house pickles, mustards, and a sliced baguette this dish is beautifully done in presentation and taste.

The food and beverage are pricey for Hawaii standards, but typical in any major city. Patrons have little room for complaint about the quality of the food. With in-house butchering and curing, the meat is as fresh as it gets; without going from straight animal to plate.

SALT Kitchen & Tasting Bar

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3605 Waialae Ave.


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