Selects: Jet Life

Selects: Jet Life

Text by Chris Kam and Blaise Sato

Now, more than ever, it’s not unusual for a jetsetter to be under 35. These youthful travelers are paying more attention to balancing style with the function of comfort. Business trips most times require a quick transition between getting off a flight and into a meeting, which could just as likely be at a bar as it could a boardroom. Having the right travel essentials is key. This is our guide to building a proper kit for stylish, relaxing and productive travel.

Ergonomic headphones with good sound quality are a must. The AIAIAI TMA-1 is the answer to a bulky set of headphones with its lightweight body, dynamic sound range, and a long, coiled cord for ease of motion.

Traveling with a good watch, which functions well in both business and recreational settings, is important. A Rolex Submariner is a rugged yet classic first choice for its fresh daytime look and is even more stunning when out on the town. A moderately sized men’s watch on a woman’s wrist never goes out of style either.

Sitting in an enclosed cabin of recycled air while headed to a destination with a drier climate can do a number on your skin and muscles. Kiehl’s Ultimate Strength Hand Salve prevents extremely dry hands. A dab on your cheeks and forehead also help keep your face from tightening up.

The only time it’s acceptable to wear sunglasses at night is on a plane (sorry, Corey Hart). This Cazal x Dita 902 is a limited-edition rerun of the iconic Cazal frames. Not quite vintage or the obligatory aviator, they are a good look poolside, driving or shopping.

Your feet expand on flights. A pair of fresh, comfortable socks, preferably with a playful print like this HUF Plant Life pair, works wonders so you can slip your shoes off without exposing that pinky toe you’re embarrassed about.

A KICKS/HI Orange Label business card holder shows you care enough about your contacts to keep from shoving it next to your Costco membership card in your George Costanza monstrosity of a wallet.

The capabilities of pocket-sized digital cameras rival that of high-end DSLR types. The S100 PowerShot by Canon is available at a whopping 12.1 megapixels. The ease of taking high resolution photos on a whim is great for capturing moments on a vacation or product shots at a sales meeting.

In this digital age, it’s always nice to pick up a pen and jot down thoughts. Our choice is Moleskine for its timeless look and function.

Smartphones are both real business and real fun. It is imperative to have a phone that not only connects you to others, but also offers apps to keep you from going mad during long periods of travel. It isn’t out of the question to have both an iPhone and a Blackberry.

Portability and entertainment value win out here. An iPad 2 is a great alternative to packing your laptop for travel. Fill it with movies and TV shows, but also be sure you can finesse a spreadsheet. Dress your tablet up with a smooth cover for added protection and elegance with this Bottega Veneta woven leather cover.

Make sure you have at least one pair of comfortable shoes. The Converse First String Straight Shooters are understated, classy and the built-in Lunarlon insole makes for the most comfortable shoe you’ve ever set your foot on.

This has been a SELECTS article by Chris Kam and Blaise Sato. Chris, also known as DJ Delve, is the creative director for KICKS/HI and one-half of OG promotions company Architechs Hawaii; Blaise makes up the whole and is also the director of operations at Crooks & Castles Hawaii. They make a good pair, don’t they?

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