Spreading Ocean Awareness and Music on Maui at Lumeria


Image by Luca Bravo

As an island chain in the Pacific, Hawai‘i has a unique and fragile marine ecosystem. Over 20 percent of Hawaiian reef fish are endemic. Humpback whales migrate 6,000 miles from Alaska to the islands’ waters each year. Hawaiian monk seals hunt in coral reefs and rest on beaches. All these animals and habitats are threatened by marine debris. Abandoned fishing nets entangle sea creatures and nonbiodegradable waste accumulates on the water, mistaken for food.

The inaugural Stringz n Finz Conservation and Education Benefit aims to address these startling concerns on Saturday, June 17, 2017 at Lumeria Maui, where musicians and conservationists will come together to raise awareness about the ocean’s plight to inspire a call to action. By the end of the evening, Hawai‘i’s ocean pollution—and how to combat it—will be on the forefront of everyone’s minds thanks to this engaging musical space.

Musical guests include international acts Keller Williams, Peter Rowan, The Larry Keel Experience, as well as local bands The YumYum Beast and Kanekoa. These artists are gathering at Lumeria’s lawn main stage to share a message of ocean conservation with the storytelling power of folk music. In addition to the concert, local vendors will be offering food, beverages, and clothing, plus surprise activities.

lumeria maui

lumeria maui
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The guest of honor this year is the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. Originally founded with the mission of protecting marine mammals, the society has since expanded its conservation efforts to include all marine habitats and wildlife. These defenders of the sea even have the authority of the United Nations World Charter for Nature to enforce conservation laws.

Captain Paul Watson, founder of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, will be the keynote speaker for Stringz n Finz. Whale Trust, Hawaii Wildlife Fund, Love the Sea, and Surfrider Foundation will join the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society in educating attendees.

This show is 21+ with only limited tickets available. Purchase tickets here.

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