Spring Fashion with a Riotous Streak

a group of people sitting on a couch with microphones

Riotous prints and sporty silhouettes imbue clothes with a rebellious warmth fit for Honolulu dwellers on the go.

Images by Brandyn Liu
Styled by Reise Kochi

Creative Producer
Aja Toscano

Hair and Makeup Artist
Risa Hoshino

Hair and Makeup Assist
Maile Bingham
Tamiko Hobin

Style Assist
Taylor Kondo

Photographer Assist
Matt Ramirez

a person wearing a fishnet veil and a white jacket with a colorful design on her shoulder
Aiala, from Duet Agency, wears Alexander McQueen blazer, with detachable Keith Lafuente sleeves.

a person wearing a knitted hat

Ella, from Honolulu City Club, wears Barragán dress and stylist’s own balaclava.

a person and person in a red dress

Aiala wears Barragán dress and M33Ms earrings; Alec wears Barragán blazer and jeans, Marsèll slip-ons, M33Ms jewelry, and stylist’s own leather gloves.

a person in red dress sitting at a table with a person lying down
a person wearing goggles on his head

Noa wears Off-White goggles from Neiman Marcus, M33Ms chain, Toqa jacket, Barragán bike shorts and boots.

model stands in the backyard against a spring setting outside with a house in the background.
a group of people posing for a picture
a group of people hugging in front of a car

Kaliko wears Barragán shorts and bikini with stylist’s own pāpale; Hercules wears Barragán swim brief and scarf with Ala Wai Research LLC sunglasses; Be wears Tutuvi lavalava from Nā Mea Hawai‘i with Off-White sunglasses from Neiman Marcus.

two models singing into a microphone above their heads dressed in spring fashion

Aiala wears Alexander McQueen blazer, with detachable Keith Lafuente sleeves; Alec wears Barragán blazer (inside-out) and tank top, M33Ms earrings, and Jimmini necklace.

model dressed in spring fashion sporting a denim corset and knee-length shorts

Kaliko wears Versace corset top from Neiman Marcus, Barragán denim and bike shorts, and Jimmini necklace.

a group of models dressed in funky spring fashion

Noa wears Toqa jacket and boardshort with Jimmini necklace; Ella wears Rumi Murakami shirt, Barragán bike shorts, Coucou Suzette socks from Island-Boy; Be wears Salvage Public shirt jacket, pant, socks, and M33Ms choker; Kaliko wears Versace corset top from Neiman Marcus and Jimmini necklace.

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