Surf blorgin’

Our next issue will be our ‘surf’ issue, and I’ve been assigned to take some photographs of some cool surf people, like the Woolley Bros. and Zak Noyle. But instead of actually getting to work and processing those photos and getting shoots scheduled and done this week, I just spent my time going surfing. With the first big north swell of the season over the weekend, I still managed to find myself surfing waves that were breaking just above my knee caps. I made sure I checked in with the lifeguard first and told him to keep an eye out for me. I brought my GoPro out and made some little videos, I don’t like watching myself surf (because it’s proof I totally wasn’t ripping) but if you do, and have an extra 10 minutes to watch these videos and a lifetime to regret it, then go ahead and press play.

***Meat Chuns video has some NSFW lyrics in the song…but if you are playing music that loud at work, you probably already have songs that have naughty words.***


Smallies from John Hook on Vimeo.

Meat Chuns from John Hook on Vimeo.

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