Surfer Poll Awards

Take a look at the top male and female surfers of the year.

Not even Mark Healy’s salmon colored get up could detract from the somber, yet celebratory mood at the Surfer Poll awards, which was brought to the Oahu’s North Shore after being held in Anaheim for years before. It was clear that the surfing world was still in a collective shock over the loss of such a monster athelete. Nearly every winner dedicated his or her award to Andy and his family, and a tribute video put together by Matt Beauchesne was downright moving. (SEE THE VIDEO HERE, COURTESY SURFER MAGAZINE.) It was heavy. Palpable. Few other highlights include, Kelly Slater voted as the no. 1 surfer of the year, after securing his tenth world title; and Stephanie Gilmore, surfing’s new sweetheart, voted no.1 female surfer of the year, after her four back-to-back ASP wins.

Here’s a recap from the night:


Top 10 Male Surfers

10. Owen Wright

9. Julian Wilson

8. Joel Parkinson

7. Rob Machado

6. Andy Irons

5. Taj Burrow

4. Mick Fanning, umm yup.

3. Jordy Smith

2. Dane Reynolds

1. Kelly Slater

Top 5 Female Surfers

5. Alana Blanchard

4. Sofia Mulanovich

3. Coco Ho

2. Carissa Moore

1. Stephanie Gilmore

Heaviest Wave

Jamie O’Brien, Who is J.O.B.

Best Cinematography

Taylor Steele, Castles in the Sky

“I wanted to create a romantic view of the world for my daughters.” – Taylor Steele

Heaviest Wipeout

Derrick Dunfree, Down With the Ship

“Where if you panic you gonna die.” – Makua Rothman

Best Maneuver

Jordy Smith, Modern Collective

Best Performance

Jamie O’Brien, Who is J.O.B.

Best Digital Short

Mickey Smith and Allan Wilson, Dark Side of the Lens

Breakthrough Performance

Craig Anderson

Best Barrel

Andy Irons, High-5

“There should be three times when you go, ‘He’s not making it.'”

Agent of Change Award

Dunlop brothers, Mauli Ola Foundation

Best Documentary

Michael Oblowitz, Sea of Darkness

“The first thing that goes through your mind is, is this packaging going to work?”-Sea of Darkness

Movie of the Year

Kai Neville, Modern Collective

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