The Face of FLUX

Take a look at the finalists for the cover of our upcoming FLUX issue.

FLUX Hawaii Magazine asked 5 local artists to answer the question, “Where is Hawaii transitioning to?” Their responses came graphically using a variety of different mediums, including paint, digital, photography, prints and even toilet paper. Then we asked YOU, the public, to vote for your favorite. After tallying nearly 1,000 votes a cover was chosen…

Yumi Vong

Medium: Digital Collage with Sumi-e Ink
Occupation: Photographer, Perfekt Photo

For centuries, the islands of Hawai’i have sheltered generations of people, birds and animals. Within the past decade, our planet has seen vast changes in climate and condition, due to our ignorance and self-indulgence. This piece signifies the change or transition in our awareness of the land and seas as the earth renews and recycles itself.

Sonny Ganaden

Sonny Ganaden
Medium: Lithograph, Monoprint
Occupation: Lawyer, Printmaker

Wasn’t long ago this city was the seat of power for a Kingdom, later the sweet territory of a foreign, conflicting occupier. These transitions inflict a toll; the arc of history an anxious burden. The jurisdiction will change, in dreams a house we cannot visit.

Landon Osamu

Landon Osamu
Medium: Crayons & Toilet Paper
Occupation: Cab Driver

What inspired me to come up with idea was watching KHON with Joe Moore. Hawaii’s transition “from exotic jungle to concrete jungle.”

Haj Gollestani

Haj Gollestani
Medium: Photographic Compositing
Occupation: Digital Imageaneer

Thanks for taking a moment to gaze at this piece. I am inspired by you and everything around you!
Live it up…..Respect it all…. …..Share what you can… ….and Learn to grow…..!?
FIRNlife…….. …………….. … ………… ………… . . . . . . . . . . …. .

Eugene Kristofher

Eugene (Eukarezt) Kristofher
Medium: Watercolor
Occupation: Artist, Art Teacher, Tattoo Artist

I wanted to take something old that everyone has seen and represents the aina. I always see corny pictures with Diamond Head in the background and hula dancers in traditional outfits. My idea was to make something ancient in culture, but put a newskool twist to it. The bright sun in the back plays a huge representation of transition. As the sun rises and sets, transition is constant. The pose that she’s doing will bring the rain. There’s the term ‘make it rain’ and that’s the blessing that is pouring down. Diamond Head signifies that where diamonds are in the ruff, people need to look a little bit closer to appreciate the little things. The drips are that everything is temporary and we need to make the most of now before everything fades. Enjoy…..

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