The Show Goes On

Honolulu’s Fashion Week may be over, but the giantess of desire never sleeps. Just in case you had a previous engagement with macaroons and Donna Tartt or simply couldn’t bring yourself to face the crazed fashionistas flocking to the Honolulu Convention Center, we got the scoop. From November 6 to November 9, a pop-up boutique accompanied runway shows and highlighted over a dozen local designers. Since so many of the designers featured at the boutique are based out Hawai‘i, Roberta Oaks and Reyn Spooner included, you can visit their brick-and-mortar stores to check out what you missed during the week. Others are accessible from wherever you are via online sites.

As for the lingo, pop-up shops, with their whimsical impermanence and collaborative premise, seem to be fashion’s response to our constantly evolving technological reality. By providing emerging designers with a temporary physical space to sell select styles, these roving shops allow designers to remain relevant and mobile while avoiding overhead costs. Honolulu Fashion Week’s Pop-Up Boutique featured high-end casual wear.


Some pop-up shop standouts included Jana Lams handprinted and hand-sewn retro zipper pouches and clutches available on Etsy at, the Salty Girl jewelry line including coral earrings and the Rockweed necklace cast from real seaweed found on Hawaii shores (pictured above, alongside sea urchin earrings), available at, and Allison Izu leggings available at

The tulle festivities continue with talks about branding, gorilla runway shows, and designer showcases. For a full list of November’s fashion events, check out

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