2nd Annual Chee Huu World Championship

The 2nd Annual World Chee Huu Championships of World takes place this Thursday at Art & Flea, in celebration of their three-year anniversary. A globally recognized event, contestants will compete for the coveted Chee Huu trophy, as some a handsome cash prize. We will be accepting the first 20 entrants to battle it out at Thursday, July 25th Fresh Cafe. The battle will start at 9 p.m. sharp (no Hawaiian time, ah).


Time Limit:
Contestants are generally given only a set amount of time in which to make their Chee Huu call. The time for this event will be 30 seconds from start of Chee Huu to the end.

One of the primary criteria upon which contestants are judged is creativity. While the contestant should seek to render a precise Chee Huu call, the exact type of Chee Huu is left to the entrant’s discretion.

Loudness and Clarity:
Contestants will be judged on their ability to enunciate their calls clearly and loudly.

Audience Excitement:
When the contestant bellows his/her Chee Huu, the excitement of the audience will weigh heavily on the contestant’s score.

All ages welcome, but will be limited to the first 20 contestants. After the 1st round, the top 3 (scored on a 1 to 10 scale) contestants will advance into the final round. The winner will be chosen on this final round, deeming them the Chee Huu World Champion of the World.


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