Chee-potle for Pablo’s

Ole! Pablo’s Cantina is the newest restaurant to make its way to Ward Centers, and as you might’ve guessed by its name, will feature authentic Mexican deliciousness. What we’re really hoping for is that Taco Tuesdays at Ward Center will be making a comeback soon. I mean, I love Taco Tuesdays at D&B as much as the next person, but without the hot sauce wall of shame, sombreros and maracas, it just doesn’t have the same ring. Plus mixologist extraordinaire, Joey Gottesman, will teach you a thing or ten about some fine tequila.

Joey Gottesman knows his tequila. All Corzo, all Cazadores solamenta porrr you!

The shape of the Corzo bottle, Joey informs us, is based on a design of a fountain in Guadalajara, which was inspired by an actual perfume bottle.

See if you can spot the FLUX dowlahs!

Strawberry Margarita. Fresh strawberries. Milagro tequila reposado. House made sweet and sour!

Warm corn chips and guacamole made table side.

Sangrita, the traditional chaser with tequila as opposed to lime, cuts right through the tequila. Gotta try! Comes in cilantro, basil and wasabi flavored.

Jalisco Paloma. Cazadores tequila reposado, fresh grapefruit, white cane sugar reduction, effervescence. Didn’t get a shot of the roasted pineapple margarita, but you have to try this one if you come into Pablo’s.

Carnitas, tender shredded pork roast served with refried beans, pico de gallo, sour cream and warm tortillas. Just like Kalua Pig.

Dinner and drinks at Pablo’s was great and we can’t wait for Taco Tuesdays. Most noticeably different is the expansive bar, which extends out into the dining room and patio, and is set with tiles brought all the way from Mexico. We sure hope Pablo’s fares better than its predecessor.

Pablo’s Cantina
Ward Centers, between Ryan’s Bar & Grill and Ka Restaurant & Lounge.

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