5 Films Not to Miss at HIFF

For a couple glorious 11 days every October the Regal Dole Cannery Stadium 18 Theaters emerges as a shining light of culture and art by hosting the Hawaii International Film Festival. The festival is a mecca for film enthusiasts like myself who spend their nights off dragging their friends to obscure venues for film showings. The festival offers a complete selection of genres from all over the world including drama, documentary, foreign, science fiction, romance, comedy and coming of age films, which seem to be quite popular this year. While the list of films featured at HIFF this year is full of exciting and interesting options, a few films stuck out as exceptionally good ways to spend a couple hours of the day.

HIFF happens Oct. 11-21 at Dole. For complete listing of films and show times visit hiff.org

Bones Brigade: An Autobiography

A lively look into the world of skateboarding, both past and present, this film harnesses the spirit of family, friendship and the ability to get epic air to portray the rise of skateboarding after the ’80s. A clever mix of action and heart, Bones Brigade is the perfect way for people with balance issues to get in on the movement.

Fresh Meat

This film looks like a complete roller coaster. Crime, romance and cannibalism? Maybe not the perfect date movie but one that promises to keep you entertained.

Key of Life

Unemployed actor meets assassin for hire in this comedic yet heartwarming Japanese drama. Watch the trailer, it will speak for itself – in that awesome Japanese narration voice you can’t help but love.

Raw and The Cooked

A film for foodies and travelers alike, this film promises an exciting look into Taiwan’s growing culinary scene. A promising mix of culture, social commentary and gorgeous cinematography.

Daylight Savings

An unforeseen breakup starts the main character on a road of self discovery that includes a beautiful musician and a few nights in Vegas. The quirky and slightly dark sequel to Surrogate Valentine, this film noir looks like my ideal way to spend an afternoon.

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