A Man of Many Mediums

A drawing on cardboard.

Images courtesy of Vicent Poquet

Vicent Poquet is a designer living on the Big Island who caught our eye a few months back with his art that has a childlike vibe but a designer’s level of complexity, and at times, a hint of darkness. Turns out that Poquet recently moved from Spain, where he got his art degree in Valencia. He has worked on creative for a national global warming campaign, wedding invitations, local business branding and more, while maintaining his quirky vibe.

What was the creative process behind the concept of the first two works pictured?

In the first case it is work made in Spain. We lived on the Mediterranean and as I walked my dog, and I would pick up sticks, wood, plastics. In principle, anything that struck me and that the sea was giving me. After studying many of these woods they start take on new life. I glue things to them, cut them, paint and draw on them, and finally they are reborn in a character.

I am very interested in the closeness to found objects and restoring life to items that at first glance might lack of interest. So a simple palm bark becomes the face of a wolf. There is also a lot of play, experimentation and freedom in this type of pieces and then value of personal memories of the place. All of this helps me construct a personal memory of dreamt objects.

The second work was made here in Hawai‘i a few months ago. An illustration done with acrylics on natural cardboard, which often acts as another color. Snorkel … of course, one of the nicest pastimes here on the Big Island. Volcanoes, fire, and lava ocean floor … .a very personal interpretation of where I now live.

How did you end up in Hawai‘i? How long have you been here for?

I live a bit south of Kona. We arrived more or less a year ago. My partner has a strong bond with this place and I was charmed by the place on my first visit. With the economic crisis in Spain and with our two year old, we decided that this could be a good place to raise our son and have a new adventure.

Are most of your projects local or international?

In my work I have a bit of everything. As a freelancer, I often cannot afford to say no to much. I have small local domestic customers and companies with international expansion. My work is to graphically communicate concepts and values, and that knows no numbers.

Where does your inspiration for your artwork come from?

I am very inspired by journeys, these new places, where I live, day to day, what I see, what I read, people and their lives, the work of other artists. Almost anywhere I can get a good reason to illustrate something. My artwork is born from a personal need to communicate in general what I’m experiencing.

What is your favorite medium to work in?

In my more personal illustration work I love to jump from one to another and I am very anxious in this regard. A collage with paper and scissors, paint on a canvas, make a character with recycled wood, painting with my son crayons on cardboard box, everything is valid and everything I like. The most important thing is to have a good time while doing it regardless of the outcome.

Is some of your work done on cardboard? If so, why?

Many times because what I have at home when I feel like doing something, and we always have giant piles of stuff for recycling. Besides this, I love the texture and natural brown color that I often use as an additional color. I am not very formal in the selection of materials and techniques, rather I leave improvisation, play, chance, and what I want in that moment. It’s an exercise I’ve been doing for some time where raw freshness of the first stroke and where the material is also a protagonist.

I see that you’ve done everything from logos to books to a children’s graphics for a global climate change campaign. What has-been your favorite project?

There is a special place in my heart for children’s book published last year in Spain. “La Peluca de Luca” or Luca’s Wig, hopes to break gender stereotypes and educate free and brave kids. It’s a shame you can only find it in Spanish; I would love for this project to get translated for the American market. We are now working on an adaptation for an interactive digital version and recently published teaching materials for schools and some 5,000 Spanish children are using this storybook in an academic environment.

Any places where your work can be viewed?

I’ve shown my work very little. I don’t know if it’s because of my energy level, or if I overprotect my personal work. Most of it is on the walls of friends and family’s homes. I would love to show my work here in the islands sometime soon. The best place to see my work is really my tumblr.

What would your perfect day look like?

I don’t have many routines, I prefer not to plan the day too much. For me, the perfect day is when I have time to be alone and do my thing, go out into nature and spend time with family.

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