Want To Know What Your Pet Is Thinking?

Eileen Abe animal communicator

Images by Jonas Maon

Eileen Abe speaks to animals directly, using her hands to read energy emanating from the animal, and a crystal pendulum to decipher any responses to the questions she asks—a left rotation means no, right means yes—all the while talking to and mediating between animal and human (terms she prefers to “pet and owner”).

Having learned the basics of the practice from noted animal communicator Carol Gurney, Abe has developed her own method when it comes to interacting with animals. As an animal communicator and energy practitioner since 2014, she offers her services to pet owners looking to gain insight and understand their animal’s needs, cares, and even opinions. “We kind of think of ourselves as translators,” she says, referring to herself and the other animal communicators she often works with. “The animal is trying to say something and the human doesn’t understand.”

Eileen Abe animal communicator

But rather than fixing the problem an animal may have, Abe instead says that she relays this knowledge to the human. “We don’t consider ourselves healers,” she says. “It’s the animal or the human we work with that does the healing.”

She also rejects the label of “psychic.” “We’re not psychics because we can’t predict the future. All we do is ask the animal, ‘What it the answer to this question?’” More often than not, Abe says, humans just want to know if their animal is happy. She encourages them to speak to their animals regularly, even if it means reminding them of a late day at the office or apologizing for a delayed trip to the park.

Abe has also grown considerably from her experience as an animal communicator through the relationship that she shares with her own dog. “I think my dog has been my greatest teacher. Although we had a great relationship already, it was more owner/pet.” Abe says. “Now she’s not only my pet—she’s my friend, she’s my child. Animals are here for a reason, they have a mission and a purpose.”

For Abe, the relationship between and animal and a human is at its best when considered from all sides. “People do what’s best for animal based off a human point of view,” she says. “Asking for the animal’s point of view will open their eyes to things they’ve never even considered before. It will improve the quality of life not just for the animal, but for the human too.”

For more information, visit animalcommunicatorshawaii.com.

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