Hokule’a navigator Austin Kino and National Geographic photographer Ben Horton traverse Joshua Tree for Olukai's #AnywhereAloha campaign.

“Aloha is that sharing of the good things inside of you and also the knowledge inside of you,” says Austin Kino, an apprentice navigator with the Hōkūle‘a. “And that can take place anywhere. It doesn’t have to be in Hawai‘i.”

Kino joins OluKai, a luxury ocean lifestyle brand, for an epic campaign during which three Hawaiians—a surfer, an artist, and an explorer, are paired with three like-minded mainlanders who demonstrate that while “aloha was born in Hawai‘i, it is a spirit not bound by geography.” In fact, OluKai believes that everyone, no matter where they are, can live aloha. In line with their philosophy, OluKai launched its spring campaign, #AnywhereAloha, an initiative that celebrates the bonds of nature and humankind with one question: “Does aloha only exist in Hawai‘i?”

Throughout the adventure, this spirit makes waves in places like the shores of Manzanita, Oregon. Here, Ha‘a Keaulana, descent of Hawaiian surfing royalty, meets up with Oregon-native Lisa Sheldon, a surfer and actress. Although the scenery, water temperature, and surf culture differ much from that of Hawai‘i’s, Keaulana finds true happiness in the ocean. “Being with a person who has the same ocean values … it makes me really happy to see that there’s other people just like me.” Both women grew up with the ocean as their playground, so it was easy to bond over their love for surfing and the zen-like quality it provides them. Together, they trekked through pine tree-covered ridges, misty hilltops, and secret coves in OluKai sandals the Mana Lua, Wana, Pouli, and the feminine Momi. “It doesn’t matter that I’m from Oregon and she’s from Hawai‘i,” says Sheldon. “The ocean feels so different, but it’s something we both understand, can relate to, and connect with.”

There is much to love about OluKai’s spring 2015 collection, which can all be seen in their #AlohaAnywhere campaign, including the first multi-sport full foot adventure sandal, the Hokua Pahu, which is being tested out by the crew of the Hōkūle‘a. From the rocky terrain of Southern California with Kino and Ben Horton, a photojournalist for National Geographic, to the streets of Miami with Kamea Hadar, Honolulu native and POW! WOW! Hawaii co-founder who joins up with Tati Suarez, a Miami-based artist, it’s aloha that brings them together and what inspires them to continue on their journey.

Follow the campaign here: olukai.com/anywherealoha

Anywhere Aloha™ from OluKai on Vimeo.

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