Arts For Education: Kawananakoa Middle

The Human Imagination – Prince David Kawananakoa Middle School from Supreme Video Productions on Vimeo.

During the month of February 2012, The Human Imagination presented artwork created by the seventh and eight graders of Prince David Kawananakoa Middle School. The exhibition, titled Value in the Role Model, showcased scratchboard art, which draws upon the students’ own research and interpretation of whom they see as role models; people that they can aspire to be, respect, draw inspiration from, and look up to. The portraits on display were a culmination of an arduous 5-week unit that primarily addressed “value” as one of the important elements of art. Special thanks to their teacher OJ Tambio for the opportunity to showcase the kids’ art.

It’s nice to see a program that inspires creativity and imagination outside of the confines of a classroom. These kids are amazingly talented, and we can’t wait to see where art takes them and what kinds of things the Arts For Education program cooks up next.

Video Filmed and edited by Phillip Lemoine – SVP Studio.

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