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Your face is your canvas. Think like an artist. Color theory, playing with light, getting inspired and reinventing. Don’t always treat makeup like color by numbers, let your influence be nature, texture, patterns or mood. Utilizing a scientific approach, study your skin and experiment. As professional makeup artist we are constantly flooded with questions. Today in a local boutique downtown, a woman asked us about foundation…

Finding your perfect Match!

Study your skin by assessing your skin type: Normal/Oily/Dry/Combination. Ironically, a client can be a combination of oily and dry without knowing it. Keep in mind that proper skincare, diet and health can level the playing field.

Approach choosing foundation formula based on function in your daily environment and the elements. Best case scenario, have a few different types in liquid, powder, or cream. And one foundation can double as two depending on your application technique. Using your fingertips creates a natural finish, a brush can give you a fuller coverage and a sponge creates a sheer application.

Foundation color should not be visible. Rely on your eye. On clean skin, ideally prepped with skincare, apply a generous amount of product, testing a minimum of three shades, side by side. The more the merrier. Clients are often wearing the wrong foundation color because they don’t test several shades. General rule of thumb: After selecting the color most like your skin, test one shade lighter and one darker. Hawai‘i-based clients tend to require two different shades throughout the year, due to year-round sun.

Ask for a sample! This is a great way to test drive your product. You will learn how your skin reacts, how it functions, all of its features and if the color changes.

Timeless tip: Our bodies function to protect itself and over production of oil can be an indication that our skin is dehydrated. Clients with oily skin can benefit from hydrating (water-based) foundation. Check the product box. Ingredients are usually listed in order from largest percentage base. Look for water (aqua) towards the top of the list.
Dulce Apana and Royal Silver are the makeup artists that make up Timeless Classic Beauty. Previously they’ve been behind the counters of Bobbi Brown and Mac Cosmetics. It is their mission to have you look at yourself in a different light and just love what you see.

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