Brand names vs. Drugstore brands, which one are you?

What is your go-to makeup item?  Is it expensive or inexpensive?  Does it break the bank or the piggy bank?

My go-to items are my undereye concealer and my lip balm. My concealer is from Bobbi Brown and my lip balm is from a drugstore. I don’t mind spending money on quality items, but sometimes there are things that you can spend your money on without breaking the bank. I still think that you need to be smart on how you spend your money and noy be afraid to try new things. Having something to compare does help with choosing the items you might end up liking after all.

Being in the beauty industry for this long, I have to admit, in the very beginning I use to be a drugstore snob. I would only purchase products that were around me at the department store and not think twice in spending the money.  As time passed, I started to find items that I could purchase at the drugstore and still mix it with items that may have cost a little more.

As you start getting into makeup or building your makeup kit for yourself? You’ll quickly realize what will work for you or what’s practical. Nothing wrong in splurging on your favorite products but you will soon realize that there are some products that you can live without and will find something that’s comparable.

Know what works for you and what you can afford. Whether you save up a little to get that new skincare or foundation, make sure you are happy with the purchase and use it till the very end.

Brand name or not, they are all great if it works for you.

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