BTS: Adorned Lineage

Behind the scenes: Adorned Lineage from FLUX Hawaii on Vimeo.

The costumes featured in our “Adorned Lineage” fashion editorial were worn at the most recent Merrie Monarch Festival and made by hand by students of Hālau o Kekuhi under the direction of kumu Nālani Kanaka‘ole. “What the students learn is the holistic cycle of hula,” Kanaka‘ole says in this exclusive video edit. “It’s not only about the performing, but it is also learning the arts and crafts that come with it. … All of it concurs upon the dancer when she is dancing, and so it adds to the strength of the performance.”

Photographed by John Hook

Styled by Aly Ishikuni

Styling assistants: Reise Kochi & Matt Gonzalez

Makeup by Dulce Apana, Timeless Classic Beauty

Hair by Risa Hoshino & Isabella Hashimoto


Mahina Alexander, Niche Models and Talent

Jazmine Perry, Niche Models and Talent

Nicole Hesslink, Niche Models and Talent

Location: Hawai‘i’s Plantation Village

Video by Haren Soril

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