Camp Nine

The cruiser fun board “Hot Pocket”

Mike Garcia and Tyler Greene of Camp Nine didn’t start off as surfers. Though they both shared a passion for boardsports, Mike, a former sponsored skateboarder, and Tyler, a once pro snowboarder, were brought together by real estate. Because of the often stressful nature of flipping houses, Mike and Tyler both found respite in surfing. “Life can be too serious, so for us, Camp Nine is all about having fun and bringing some smiles and laughs in the water,” says Mike. Appropriately, the name Camp Nine is inspired by carefree days at summer camps.

The Camp Nine boards are all made and shaped in Hawai‘i at the old Kahuku Sugar Mill. They collaborate with different shapers, including up-and-comer Drew Sparrow, as well as different artists to create brightly colored designs. So far, they have three different surfboard models to suit a variety of skill levels: the high-performance “Ace-1,” the medium-performace “Bandito,” and the more beginner-cruiser-style fun board “Hot Pocket.”

The mid-level “Bandito”

The high performance “Bandito”

Camp Nine boards are available at Surf Garage, Drift Surf and Diamond Head Surboards. For more information, visit

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