Farida’s Must Haves

[photo_credit]James Perse Casual White T.[/photo_credit]

FLUX asked Farida Ong, the owner of Fishloaves Inc. boutique, what are a few basic pieces every girl should have?

White T-Shirt

I think you can put on a T-shirt and still look amazing! If it’s the right material, if it falls on your body correctly, and it’s buttery and flowy, I think you will look good even if it’s just a white T-shirt.

White Dress

You need to have the cute, little white dress for Hawaii. At the same time you shouldn’t be afraid of wearing all black. I think it looks amazing in Hawaii. You just have to pick the right material.


Flannel can be really sexy. Especially when it’s kind of loose and big, like a men’s size. I think guys have a different perspective of what is sexy. Really tight or really low. But you shouldn’t dress for them. You should be comfortable. I think if you can be so confident in yourself, that is beautiful. And guys will be able to see that. Plus, they are pretty easy to change anyway!