From the FLUX Hawaii Team: A Local Gift Guide

FLUX Hawaii gift guide


Clockwise, from top left

  1. Smock from Virginia Paresa, available at Mori Hawaii, editor Lisa Yamada
  2. Azul dress by Gillia Clothing, marketing and creative coordinator Carrie Shuler
  3. Leather clutch by Samantha Hook (the FLUX Hawaii photo editor), art director Ara Feducia
  4. Roberta Oaks saddle road aloha shirt, COO Joe Bock
  5. Customized jewelry from Kiele Jewelry, marketing and advertising executive Chelsea Tsuchida
  6. Xix Palms Mandala maxi dress, writer Kelli Gratz





  1. Mālama Honua dryfit shirt, editor at large Sonny Ganaden—“The Mālama Honua journey around the world is the culmination of decades of community work in the creation, maintenance, and development of voyaging canoes in the Pacific. The crew’s jersey is also quite comfortable when not braving massive swells across the seven seas.”
  2. Turkish towel from Aloha Beach Club, photo editor Samantha Hook
  3. Custom surfboard, photography director John Hook—“If someone told me that they paid a local surfboard shaper for a custom surfboard, and all I had to do was let them know what kind of board I wanted, that would be the ultimate gift.  I’d be stoked to get a custom board by any local shaper, like Glenn Pang, Nat Woolley, or Carson Myers.”
  4. Taylor’s Pure and Natural sunscreen, managing editor Anna Harmon—“This sunscreen uses natural ingredients instead of ingredients like oxybenzone that bleach the reef. And it’s made locally.”
  5. Da Fins, Zak Noyle design, marketing and advertising director Keely Bruns





  1. A personalized pet portrait by artist Lisa Shiroma*, editor Lisa Yamada (of her dog Luffy)
  2. Explorer Nocturne Diana F+ special limited edition camera from Treehouse, photo editor Samantha Hook
  3. ‘Ili coffee scrub, marketing and advertising executive Chelsea Tsuchida
  4. Film* from Treehouse, photography director John Hook
  5. Baggu recyclable bag from Owens & Co., photo editor Samantha Hook
  6. Pen from Simply Wood Studios, group publisher Mike Wiley


  • Season tickets to Manoa Valley Theatre, marketing and creative coordinator Carrie Shuler
  • Hair and eyelashes by HMB HNL, photo editor Samantha Hook
  • Knife from Nalu Knives, editor Lisa Yamada
  • A weeknight stay at The Royal Hawaiian, editor at large Sonny Ganaden “Unions run the place. Art deco overload. Everything looks like it has an Instagram filter on it. You can walk the grounds with a drink.”
  • Enough Hawaiian miles for a trip for two to New Orleans, editor Lisa Yamada
  • Journal Set from Miemiko, designer Michelle Ganeku




  1. Taro Ko chips, junior designer Mitchell Fong “Super good … and super remote, as most things are on Kaua‘i.”
  2. Kona Brewing Co. growler, editor at large Sonny Ganaden
  3. A Fresh Box subscription, photographer Jonas Maon
  4. Adoboloco jabanero hot sauce, made on Maui, marketing and advertising director Keely Bruns
  5. Flip-top growler from Honolulu Beerworks, photographer Jonas Maon
  6. Malie Kai chocolate*, designer Michelle Ganeku “I tried it once. It was so delicious.”





  1. Dinnerware set from Seeds and Stone*, editor Lisa Yamada
  2. Tube Top Desk Lamp by Pablo Designs, available at Fishcake, marketing and creative coordinator Carrie Shuler
  3. My Mānoa laundry detergent, managing editor Anna Harmon
  4. Plant arrangements from Paiko Hawaii*, operations director Jill Miyashiro
  5. Le Feu Citron candle from Aloha Superette, photo editor Samantha Hook


  • Taxidermied wolf from Hound and Quail, editor Lisa Yamada
  • Joya candle from Roberta Oaks, marketing and advertising director Keely Bruns
  • Air plant from Mori Hawaii, marketing and creative coordinator Carrie Shuler


Says editor at large Sonny Ganaden, “Honolulu has seen a massive increase in homelessness, and there’s always something you can do. Time is the most precious of gifts, so making a call and showing up to help is usually better than an impersonal donation. Skilled labor is always appreciated, here is a list of places to stop by this season.” One place he recommends to look for volunteer opportunities is here.

*Photo credit for Lisa Shiroma pet painting:; Maile Kai chocoate:; dinnerware set from Seeds and Stone: Seeds and Stone; Paiko Hawaii plant arrangement: Kenna Reed on Paiko Hawaii

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