Flux Hawaii Best Of Mix and Q&A with DJ Tittahbyte

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I’ve noticed that busy ladies often wear different masks. Tell us a little bit about yourself.

During the day I am the shop manager/brand director for a local boutique called About The Goods. I also do freelance writing, photography, video editing, and the occasional Tarot card reading on the side. By night I go by DJ “Tittahbyte” and promote events with my friends called Green Leaf Check.

What were your favorite projects in 2014?

My mix Baddygirl was definitely the highlight for me in 2014. At this point I had been releasing a lot of personal listening mixes, meant more for commuting to work or on a rainy day. Baddygirl was darker in comparison to those mixes and my version of a pre-game/party soundtrack. Flash Hansen from The Safehouse asked me if I wanted to press the mix and have a release party for Baddygirl, which I was beyond excited for. Your girl never had her own release party before!

What’s your dream collaboration?
I would love to have a collaboration with HLZBLZ or even with any of my favorite DJs. It’d be a great honor and I’d probably just die.

I heard Paris Hilton won a best female DJ award. What’s up with lady DJs getting a bad rap? BTW, Girls rule and boys drool.

I feel like a lot of DJs, not just female are jumping into the game too quick. I’ve always been a huge believer in a strong foundation and was a bedroom DJ for a year before I started playing out in bars and clubs and even then I waited for my mentor to tell me I was ready to go out into the real world. To this day I’m nervous before every single gig whether it’s big or small. Just be honest with yourself if you can’t do a certain gig. No need to be fake, be real, be humble and you’ll save face (or sound in this case).

Who would you vote for: Elizabeth Warren or Hillary Clinton?
Elizabeth Warren.

How long does it take for you to select a playlist? Do you do it by mood, color or play it by ear?
If you look through my phone and agenda, you’ll find random lists of songs every where. I’m always listening for new and old songs to use in my sets. Depending on my mood, I’ll put together a playlist or I’ll completely wing it.

What’s the last vinyl you listened to?
Superrappin’ Vol II

What’s the funniest thing you’ve seen at the club?
Every time I think I have seen the funniest thing, something happens the next day that beats that memory. Here’s one that stands out: a homie was DJing and this girl starts bouncing her booty like she’s in a strip club with a dress on then continues to bend over like she’s in yoga class showing everyone where the sun doesn’t shine. It was too much for me.

What was the most fun/memorable party of 2014?
When my boys and I brought out Soulection’s Sosupersam and Esta to Honolulu for a Green Leaf Check show. I was working my ass off on that collaboration and we were all so nervous for that night. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Honolulu turn up together that hard in forever.

If I gave you a million dollars, what kind of party would you throw?
I would bring down the sickest lineup ever, make a ton of merch, throw a huge block party complete with cages for people to dance in, rent helicopters so people can see the crowded block party from above, hire tons of photographers and videographers to document this grand event so people on the mainland would be like, “WTF THIS IS IN HONOLULU?!” then I’d bring all my artists, DJs, producer friends to the mainland to throw a similar party there and have an endless amount of food trucks specializing in Filipino and Korean cuisine.

If you were DJing a rodeo what would be your first select?
“Pony” by Ginuwine

Last request: Name me a hot track we’ve never heard before.
Steel Reserve by my friends The Horror Show ft. Pigeon John, produced by Mr. Carmack (which you’ll hear on my Part II mix)

For more info visit tittahbyte.com.


Part I

Deserve Better (Prod. by Tommy Hittz) – Kehlani
See How It Goes – Kay Franklin
What Is Love (Sango Remix) – Janelle Monáe
In Love – StarRo
Add the Bassline (Penthouse Penthouse Remix) – Jordan Rakei
Wrote A Song About You (Kaytranada Edition) – MNEK
Pour it Up (Wantigga Flip) – Rihanna
Bartender – Winzel McFly [local producer]
Gangsta – Ozzie

Part II

Lord Pretty Flacko Jodye 2 – A$AP Rocky
U Guessed It (Durkin Rework) – OG Maco
Hella Hoes (THUGLI Remix) – A$AP Mob
Shimmy – Singularis
Wassup (prod. Sango) – GoldLink
Clang Shmurda – E-TERNITY
Bring Them Thangs (feat. Gucci Mane & Chief Keef) – Bankroll Fresh
I Might ft. P-Lo & K Camp – G-Eazy
Get the fuck out my face – Mr. Carmack [local producer]
Wrist x Yoppers Edit – Kowai Kowai [local producer]
Steel Reserve – The Horror Show feat. Pigeon John, prod. Mr. Carmack

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