From Dresden to Damascus


The Dresden Damascus Room slept in the basement of the Ethnographical Museum in Dresden for over a 100 years … until it was brought to life by Dr. Anke Scharrahs and her team. This short documentary takes you on a journey between Germany and Syria, past and present. It questions static museum exhibitions, and sheds lights on the role of technology and digital media in preserving the life of the cultural heritage, not just the physical artifact itself.
This film was my Senior Project at the American University in Dubai – with limited equipment and resources, it was shot in Dubai and Germany in less than two months.

Visit this blog to know all about the Dresden-Damascus Room Initiative:

Read about how Shangri La’s collection of historical ‘ajami interiors holds the key to preserving a rich cultural legacy HERE.

From Dresden to Damascus | Documentary from Gabriela Purri R. Gomes on Vimeo.

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