Hawai‘i’s Woodshow

Hawai‘i’s Woodshow is presented by the Hawai‘i Forest Industry Association and is juried by a panel of locally and nationally known artists and design professionals. It is well-known for highlighting the very best in local woodworking with participation from woodworkers from every island. In addition to heirloom-quality works made from native Koa, a stunning and unique wood found only in Hawai’i, there are striking works of art and furniture crafted from dozens of other island-grown hardwoods which offer fantastic variety in color and figure. Most of the beautifully crafted works that will be on display will be for sale throughout the show.

The HFIA Woodshow was created to educate and promote an appreciation of the tremendous variety of Hawai‘i-grown woods. The show encourages the use of conservative woodworking techniques such as veneering that can make the most effective use of woods that may be in limited supply. Pieces entered in the Woodshow must be made predominantly from locally-grown woods, and certain rare or endangered species are prohibited.

Attendees to Hawai‘i’s Woodshow are treated to extraordinary heirloom-quality works made from koa, mango, kamani, milo, Norfolk pine, macadamia nut, kiawe and other interesting and beautiful Hawai‘i-grown woods. Hawai‘i’s Woodshow encourages an appreciation for the participating artists and the materials they use. It promotes the positive role forests play in our economy and ecology. The show calls for the use of wood from Hawaiian-grown tree species, especially those that have been planted and brought to maturity here in Hawai‘i. It serves as a reference point for the planting of native and non-native high value hardwoods for future generations.

Hawai‘i’s Woodshow

Presented by Hawai`i Forest Industry Association

April 1-15
Academy Arts Center

Honolulu Academy of Arts

1111 Victoria Street

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