Ho Ho Hooligans: In4m’s 2012 Holiday Line

Inspired by old world prophecies, secret societies and ancient predictions, In4mation’s new 2012 holiday line marks an important shift for the brand, introducing a new emphasis on cut and sew items. The line will be available at all In4mation storefronts, online and brand retailers beginning Wednesday, December 20th.

“We looked to things like the ancient Egyptians, the Anunnaki, the Mayans and the Illuminati to help build the foundation of the line,” said art and design director, Keith Kanagusuku. “Twenty-twelve is an important year for a lot of these organizations and civilizations, and we tried to weave that into this final line of the year. It’s easy to lose yourself looking into history and theories behind a lot of these sects, but it really helps the creative process along when you have so many different historical elements to play on.”

This year also marked the In4mation’s 10-year anniversary, and Kanegusuku acknowledged the importance of growth within the brand: “As we all mature a little bit more, we wanted to include some pieces that reflect that. We’re still putting a ton of emphasis on our tees and hats, but we’re really … looking forward to continuing our cut and sew items moving forward.”

Rounding out the line, In4mation has collaborated with Oni Motorworks and rapper Donnis for two separate pieces. “We like to work with people who inspire us, but also people we really know well and trust,” said marketing director Jun Jo. “Donnis is a really talented musician and Oni Motorworks are pretty legendary inside the car and motorcycle world. It’s good to step out and get creative with people who aren’t necessarily doing the exact same thing as you are.”

The holiday line look book was exclusively shot by famed photographer Matt McGinley on the streets of the East Coast.

To view the full line, visit in4mants.com

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