Holy Daze Are Here

‘Holy Daze’ Featuring the Work of AJ Feducia, To Premiere at Clips on October 10

Text by Jeff Mull

Acclaimed Honolulu-based artist and photographer AJ Feducia is set to release a new exhibit, Holy Daze, at the Clips retail space in Honolulu this Saturday, October 10 at 5 pm. Feducia, who originally hails from Huntington Beach, CA but now resides in Honolulu, has quickly become a staple in Honolulu’s downtown art scene and has had his work displayed in numerous locations. Versed in an array of mediums—including screen printing, sculpture, Intaglio and photography—Feducia is undeniably collective in his approach to creativity.

For his Holy Daze exhibit, Feducia once again included a mixed approach to his work, which includes collages made from screen prints, intaglio, lithographs, ink, paint, wood and pencil. Feducia is currently working at the Honolulu Museum of Art and often draws inspiration for his work from the history, people, and places that surround him.



The inspiration for the exhibit arose from the careless-yet-creative feeling that fills Feducia when he’s on a holiday and void of responsibility.

“Holidays are for cruising in the sun, mindless wandering, and checking out/in on your surroundings,” says Feducia. “This work has a playful feel and was created in a similar headspace to being on holiday. I didn’t always have a firm vision, but I felt compelled to tinker and create and knew it would all come together in the end.”

Holy Daze will be on exhibit at Clips, located at 822 Kaheka Street, beginning Saturday October 10. Doors open at 5 pm.

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